Winton Harman Lousada #494 b1918 as a young man. He was born in 1918; grandson of Howell Arthur Lousada #28. During WW2 he was a DC3 pilot in the Pacific; later he was a member of Occupation Forces in Japan and a Far East resident. He met Marion Keyser nee Lousada #246 and Charles Keyser during a trip to London.   Winton Lousada getting his 'wings' in 1944      John Rochfort Lousada #275 1887-1940, brother of Arthur Francis Lousada. His father and Winton's grandfather Howel Arthur Lousada got to Australia almost a decade before his brother Edward Charles Lousada did.   Elle Blanche McHaffie nee Lousada #274 1883-1966 only sister of Arthur Francis Lousada. Her husband shown in the photograph was David James Wemyss McHaffie. Their grandson David Wilson advised that they lived at 195-201 Alma Rd, St Kilda which was the original home of the McHaffies. It became the site of Cumloden College which was a successful boys’ school from 1891 to 1905, on five acres of land fronting Alma Rd. From 1906 to 1919 the extensive grounds were leased to the Anglican Church for St John’s Theological College. In 1920 the land was subdivided and the buildings were converted to flats, but later demolished in the 1970’s. The Parish of St James the Great, East St Kilda began in the College Chapel.   Winton's parents Arthur Francis Lousada #276 1890-1969 and Gina Harman. She died in 1929 when Winton was 11. Arthur Francis Lousada was a double cousin of Norah Agnes Lousada - for Reginald Robert Lousada her father and Howel Arthur Lousada married Rochfort sisters.   Winton Harman Lousada at age 93.  On a KLM flight between Thailand and Australia he met a Mrs Louzada who turned out to to be the wife of a KLM executive Hans Louzada whom Peter Allen Lousada later met in Teheran.  


Winton Lousada with Rosemary Tipping (sister of Julian land) on Boxing Day 2011