Hans Louzada 1917-98 in Lousada some decades earlier than Julian Land! Hans was the father of Emile Louzada.            Julian Land visited the Lousada district of Portugal in 2003. Here is the town's emblem on the front door of the Civic Offices - with the name Vila de Lousada   In the front foyer of the Civic Offices - note the name Vila de Louzada in the ceramic version of the emblem      This church is in one of the Lousada villages in Portugal - possibly Lousada de Santa Margarida. Perhaps a generation of our ancestors exiled from Spain in 1492 were compulsorarily baptized here in 1497. But a son Pedro de Lousada moved away, for his son Amador de Lousada was baptized elsewhere and later resided at Vinhais to the east.