Image supplied by Neville Rochfort 12 Aug 2020. Captain Reginald Robert Lousada #29 is 2nd from the right in the front row of the scene; this is possibly the only existing image of Neville's great-great-grandfather (apart from this possibility (go to 2nd row of images left image). Bob Leuzarder immediately provided an earlier photograph (from of the regiment in Halifax. Neville commented:

'as my pic shows snow and winter clothing, and the 97th left for South Africa via Gibraltar in 1880, I suspect that your pic was taken in the summer of 1878 or 1879. Quite a few of the officers' names correspond to my pic, but some have been promoted by the time of my pic.... eg Maj Browne to LtCol Browne, and Cap Tweedie to Maj Tweedie. Your pic shows 23 of the 31 officers in my pic, and wives, .... I notice Reginald Robert Lousada is not there, although he was with the 97th at that time'.




Service history of Reginald Robert Lousada #29 1850-1927

These details were provided by his great-grandson Neville Rochfort from records of the 97th Regiment of Foot which became the Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment in 1881. The right hand image shows areas of service, with notes concerning when/where his children were born. After his service, judging by an article by him 'Cattle Ranching in New Mexico' which appeared in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin 10 Nov 1885, he had just been there. In 1914, 13 years before he died, his cousin Herbert George Lousada reported Reginald Robert and his brother St Leger as being 'always on their beam ends' but that Reginald Robert's children were doing well.

His 2nd daughter Norah Agnes Lousada #679 1877-1953 appeared in Australia, where she placed an obituary notice on about 4 May 1950 covering her 2 siblings Rochfort Osman and Kathleen Annie. His wife died in Australia but he died in Paddington, in the same year 1927.