Norah Agnes Lousada #689 1877-1953
daughter of Reginald Robert Lousada
sister of Rochfort Osman Lousada and
a cousin of Arthur Francis Lousada on both the Lousada and the Rochfort sides
photograph from Audrey Dowel nee Lousada #22.
  Death notices for her sister and brother lodged by Norah Agnes Lousada. Her mother, and wife of Reginald Robert Lousada, Annie Ellen nee Rochfort died in East Malvern on 31 Oct 1927, almost 5 years after her sister Catherine Baines Rochfort died in Dandenong. Catherine had married Howel Arthur Lousada, next older brother of Reginald Robert Lousada. Descendants of Howel Arthur Lousada remain in Australia to this day, none bearing the Lousada name.