Caroline Langton - in 2010 rescued the original marriage deeds of Herbert George Lousada and Marion Helen Mocatta from a London recycling skip

Charlotte Broadbent - found the connection between Charles Louis Combe who married Samuel Barrow's widow and Major-General Boyce Albert Combe who married Major-General Lousada Barrow's daughter

Elizabeth O'Connor - put us in contact with Frank Cheesman an authority on the Barrows of Barbados (ref 33) and who provided his notes on Barbados wills of the Barrows

John Hamblin - in 2013 provided details of the life of Claude Lousada

Randy Schoenberg - provided insight into the ancestry of Baron Lyon de Symons

Carmen Reis - offered assistance in pursuing baptismal records and hence the beginning of the Lousada name in Portugal

Maria Jose Surribas found out the descendants of the elder brother of the Duque de Losada, but no other Duques de Losada!

Nardo Bonomi Braverman found in 2013 the Levi Lousadas in the 'decime' property tax records of the State Archive of Livorno

Fernando Gonzalez del Campo Romain has assisted with Madrid data which has pointed to the Portuguese town of Villaflor as the birthplace of Abraham Israel Pereira; and Genie Milgrom introduced us to Fernando. A summary is uploaded of the paper that he read on 24 Mar 2015 in Israel at the Mapping the Anousim Diaspora Conference - this gives some of his own background and a summary of some of his work for us. He contributions have been captured in refs 145, 149, 150, 153 and elsewhere. Julian Land met him in Madrid in June 2015. In Nov 2018 Michael Waas found a signature of Manuel Lopes Telles from 1633 Bayonne, and this person appears to be #3 of p3 of Fernando's paper.

Michael Waas also found the earliest signature we have of Moses Baruh Lousada.

Henry Roche pointed out that Walter Jacob Levi was from Portsmouth and then provided details of the Levis of Portsmouth and related families.

Mark Hutchison encouraged Julian Land to start the family history

Laura Arnold Leibman on 21 Mar 2016 provided valuable information on the free mulattos of Barbados and their role in emancipation and nation-building (ref 181). Subsequently she published ref 311.

Pat Stafford obtained copies of the wills of the 2 David Baruch Lousadas of Barbados.

Florbela Veiga Frade has examined the Coimbra Inquisition record of Maria de Lousada and extracted her confessions and her genealogy (ref 221).