Will of SIMON BARROW of St Michael.                           Entered 21 May 1801

I, Simon Barrow of Jewish Religion.

To brother-in-law Isaac Levi £ 25. To wardens of synagogue of Prague in Germany £ 100 to be divided by them among my brother’s children. To grandson Jacob Joseph Levi £ 300. To granddaughters Judith Montefiore wife of Elizer Montefiore and Sarah Cohen wife of Lewis Cohen £ 150, these grandchildren from daughter Eve Joseph. To great grandson Moses Montefiore, son of my granddaughter Judith Montefiore £ 100. Said great grandson Moses Montefiore £ 100.

In case Abraham Berzaglo intends marriage with daughter Simah, then to my grandson Solomon Berzaglo £ 300. To daughter Judith Barrow, Rebecca Barrow and Sarah Barrow £ 700 respectively. To son Joseph my 5 books of Moses. To grandson Simon Barrow, son of late son Jacob  ------. To daughter-in-law Sarah Barrow widow of deceased son Baruh Barrow £ 30 per year. To grandson Simon Barrow £ 600 at age 21. To granddaughter Bailah Barrow daughter of deceased son Jacob Barrow £ 100. To daughter-in-law Jael Barrow widow of deceased son Jacob £ 50. I appoint son Joseph executor.

                                                                                                Simon (his mark X) Barrow

Witness Moses Mendes Da Costa


Will of JOSEPH BARROW of St Michael.

He bequeathed his goods and chattels to Isaac Barah Lousada and Jacob Mendes Da Costa executors named in the will Grants to Lewis Cohen and Eliezer Montefiore two of the executors of the will and to Simon Barrow the nephew of the said deceased. He wished to be buried in the custom of the Hebrew Nation in the Portugese Ground at Mile End. To Dr. Joseph Meyers £ 100. To his wife Sarah £ 500. To Sarah my negro and mulatto slaves either here or in Barbados except Quaco and  Richard (coloured boy). To Sarah the house in Bury St or if she goes to Barbados the house in Swan St, Bridgetown. After Sarah’s death the Barbados house to go to Moses Eliezer Montefiore, son of my niece Judith Montefiore. He mentions land in Reed St, Barbados. £ 200 each to Nanny Judy and Betsy Ann two mulattos at age 21. To sisters Judith and Rebecca and Sarah Barrow £ 5000 each my honoured father gave to him. To the three sisters he gives the debts due to him from William Messiah, Charles St John, James Martin King, John Prece and Henry Devonish Watts. To my nephew Jacob Joseph Levi £ 100. To my sister-in-law Sarah Barrow widow of my brother Baruch Barrow an annuity of £ 100. He mentions nephew Simon Barrow, son of brother Jacob Barrow and his wife Jael Barrow. Mentions niece Bella Barrow and niece Judith Montefiore wife of Eleizer. £ 15000 to niece Simah Cohen wife of Lewis Cohen. To niece Esther Hannah Montefiore daughter of his niece Judith Montefiore and Jacob another son of Judith and Joseph Barrow Montefiore. To the son of uncle Isaac Levi of Amsterdam in Holland, godson Jacob Lindo son of David Lindo £500. To brother-in-law Isaac Depiza Massiah  --------. Deceased brother Jacob Barrow  --------. (Lewis Cohen’s wife was Simah formerly Simah Levi) Late firm of Joseph and Jacob Barrow in London and Barbados.


Will of SARAH BARROW of St Michael                         Entered 31 March 1814

Relic of Joseph Barrow Esqr deceased. To the synagogue in this island  ------. To friend Isaac Baruh Lousada of London Esqr £ 25. To Abraham Rodrigues Brandon £ 10. To Judith Laurie wife of Robert Laurie of Leith Scotland, slaves. To said Ann Judith Laurie plate and a silver coffee urn. To brother Isaac Depiza Massiah slaves. To the use of Elizabeth Ann Belgrave, wife of Jacob Belgrave free mulatto. Silver articles to E.A.Belgrave. To Mimbah Barrow free negro £ 20, Aubah and two daughters, Mimbah and Mary Easter. To Quashebah and her children, King and Phibbah. To Henry Barrow son of Mimbah £ 300. I appoint my brother Isaac Depiza Massiah and Abraham Rodrigues Brandon friend as executors.

Witnesses: John Bascom, William Codd, William Owens.