Violet Fanny Maud 1880-1968 and Margaret Emily b1874 - youngest and oldest daughter of Frank Hunter Barrow who lived at Tripp Hill House for a period but we don't know if this photograph was taken there.   Stephen Douglas Barrow 1876-1900, first son of Frank Hunter Barrow, is commemorated here at Ritchie Road, Northern Cape Memorial




Major-General Lousada Barrow - one of the many eminent Barrow Generals - had a son Lt-Col Frank Barrow b1845 #1097, who was a cousin of Tony Harding's great grandfather Frank Hunter Barrow 1847-1917 #331; curiously and no doubt confusingly, these two cousins - both named Frank - had similar schooling (both went to Bruton School and later Cheltenham College) followed by parallel careers in India retiring in 1896 and 1894 respectively (details from India Office records). They first came together in Ryde when, after the death of Samuel Barrow by drowning in Melbourne in 1854, his widow Margaret Louisa Kemp somehow returned to England with her children and came to Ryde where - it seems - she remarried. Her second husband was a Combe, a 2nd cousin of the Coome who later married Major-General Lousada Barrow's daughter Helen Edith. Charles Louis Combe acquired a commission as an Army officer in India, and with him Margaret Louisa had a further child Arthur Henry Combe in Madras in 1867. Major-General Lousada Barrow was the fourth son of Simon Barrow of Bath, while Lousada's younger brother John Simeon Barrow taught at Bruton School.



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