Rochfort Osman Lousada #680 1877-1950

Photograph supplied by his grandson Neville Rochfort. He is shown dressed in the uniform of the Cape Town Highlanders Regiment about 1910. Neville reports that as told by his father, Rochfort Osman Lousada was an apprentice on sailing ships, but that he had to come ashore due to bad eyesight. A family story has him shipwrecked on the Godiva, and Neville puts this after Jan 1893 and before his 1915 marriage. Rochfort Osman Lousada impressed Herbert George Lousada as shown in some correspondence between the latter and Edward Charles Lousada. His father Reginald Robert Lousada was not reported so favorably! Reginald Robert Lousada was a brother of Edward Charles Lousada, and both were first cousins of Herbert George Lousada. A historic photograph of Peak House may show Reginald Robert Lousada. His sister Norah Agnes and his mother Annie Ellen lived out their lives in Australia.

The surviving son of Rochfort Osman Lousada was Neville Rochfort's father Basil Rochfort who changed his name.