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All the known descendants of Pedro de Lousada (see notes 1 and 13 below) are contained within this genealogy and therefore in it one can find (by clicking and navigating):

Certain pedigrees have been produced from our database (see note 12 below), and we have collected limited information on certain collateral ancestors (see note 12 below).



1. Pedro de Lousada is known from Portuguese Inquisition records as the father of Amador de Lousada who was born about 1540 and who in 1590 was married to Ana Mendes. Perhaps Pedro and his wife Briatis Alvares came as children to Portugal from Spain in late 1492 or early 1493. We may never know. But they are possibly not our earliest known Sephardic ancestors - see note 5 below for our Montefiore ancestry.

2. Only a little is known of the paternal ancestry of Simon Barrow of Barbados. His father was an Ashkenasi man called Baruch whose origin is not known with certainty but our current thoughts are given here. Though we have placed Simon Barrow and his descendants in the above genealogy as the son of an unknown Baruch Lousada mother in Italy perhaps Milan, we have not strictly ruled out the possibility that his mother was a Levi Lousada, not a Baruch Lousada. To that extent Simon Barrow's Sephardic ancestry is uncertain as well, though it does seem that the Baruch Lousadas and Levi Lousadas were closely related (see note 6 below).

3. Descendants of Jacob Baruh Lousada #380 of Jamaica comprise almost 1/3 of Uncle Ben's family tree though the Lousada name disappears after one generation in this branch. Descendants of Jacob #380 include some of the most interesting characters of Anglo-Jewry like Sir Menasseh Masseh Lopes #398 MP who served 2 years jail for electoral irregularity (see ref 47). On the other side of the law was Sir Henry Charles Franco Lopes #421 also an MP, but who became Lord Justice of Appeal and Privy Councillor in 1895 and was made the first Lord Ludlow in 1897. In-laws include Raphael Franco - brother-in-law to Isaac #34 - painted by Gainsborough. Alan Pereira has thoroughly documented these descendants. While we have extracted the descendants of Jacob #380 from Alan Pereira's work, we have not yet included other ancestors such as the early Pereiras. Alan Pereira supplemented our data collection with a set of mini-genealogies - that which has not yet been fully imported we list here.

4. While the Dirsztays of Hungary considered themselves descended from the Baruch Lousadas via Moritz Baruh, we differ with them on this. Among the differences is that Moritz Baruh does not appear to have had children though his Prague brother Gedalia did. These children, and most of the Fischls & Dirsztays from ref 31, appear here as well as in the above genealogy.

5.  The Barrows, and all the Baruch Lousadas descending from Bella Barrow, have Montefiore ancestry. This ancestry has been taken by others back to Alvaro and Catalina de Carvajal who were in Fermoselle in Spain in 1486, but migrated across the border to Mogadouro in Portugal in response to the 1492 expulsion. Their descendants later returned to Spain and then (unfortunately) moved to New Spain. Aged about 7 Joseph Leon, a great-great-great-grandson of Alvaro and Catalina, in 1596 had a lucky escape from the Mexico Inquisition to later become known in Italy (we suggest) as Judah Leon Montefiore the great-great-great grandfather of Moses Vita Montefiore who founded the English Montefiore family (others implausibly suggest Joseph was the father of Judah Leon Montefiore). This somewhat contentious history does not appear unlike quite a lot of later Montefiore ancestry such as is revealed here in the context of the marriage of Herbert George Lousada and Marion Helen Mocatta, here in the context of the marriage of Claude Lousada with Maude Spielmann, and in an Australian context here.

6.  The Levi Lousadas were closely related to the Baruch Lousadas. They seemed to have had Mendes ancestry in common with the Baruch Lousadas. We have prepared an initial genealogy of them but they are not yet included above.

7. The Baruch Lousadas of Tunis came from Livorno and a merchant Elias Baruch Lousada appears in ref 171. Presently only he appears in our main genealogy. He was born in Tunis around 1725 and had a son Benjamin and further descendants in Tunis through to the 20th century. Additional Tunis data from French consular documents is referred to in ref 186 where with others Jacob Baruch Louzada in 1686 pleads economic hardship, and http://www.bh.org.il which also cites a Jacob Baruch Lousada in connection with ransoming Christian slaves and a Rebecca daughter of Benjamin Baruch Louzada who married Raphael de Abraham Israel Enriques on 15 Sep 1790. And ref 185 p469 shows in 1686 an Isaac and a Jacob Baruch Lousada. So far we have not prepared a genealogy of them. However, because of the Livorno origin of the Tunis Baruch Lousadas, we have prepared a genealogy of the residual Baruch Lousadas of Livorno.

8. Some of the Israel Pereira descendants of Amador de Lousada appear in our main genealogy - but we know Amsterdam data covers quite a few more of them. A comparison of the descent of Julian Land and Israel Pereira descendant Michael Waas is given here.

9. Many instances of the Massiah family of Barbados can be found in the main genealogy, and we have summarized them here showing how they link the Barrows with the Barbados Baruch Lousadas. A contributor Claire Myers is a descendant of Rachel Massiah 1762-1847 of Barbados who married David Lindo; she has contributed charts of her genealogies of the Massiah, de Peza and Lindo families. She is also an Elkin descendant, and provided an Elkin family tree originally prepared by Henry Roche. There are no Valverdes in our main genealogy, but because both Solomon Baruch Lousada #712 and Jacob Barrow #60 both had a wife named Jael, and because this name in Barbados has a Valverde origin, we suggest a link between the Barrows/Baruch Lousadas on Barbados involving the Valverdes.

10. Some of the USA Lousadas are now included - namely all the Leuzarders and the Luzarders. We have yet to include many of the Luzaders, Luzadders and Lewsaders.

11. The Aguilar descendants of Rebecca Baruh Lousada #130.

12. The ancestors of the 3 fourth cousins who started this website, Julian Land, John Bury and Tony Harding can be found by clicking on their names. These pedigrees overlap, in a way reflecting the intersection of the Barrow and Baruch Lousada genealogies. They are incomplete in the sense that they are tailored to show only the known Barrow Lousada ancestry. Inevitably, such pedigrees will show only a small sample of our other ancestors whether Sephardic (Mercado, de Caceres and Spinosa, Abravanel, Mocatta, Montefiore, Lamego, Nunes, Mendes da Costa, Lopes/Pereira, Franco etc), Ashkenazi (Goldsmid, de Symons, Keyser etc) and non-Jewish (Bacon, Butler, Rochfort, Jameson, Wingate, Tiarks/Hall, Truscott (ref 307), Land, Kemp, Arnold, Sorell, Huxley, Combe, Linton, Dowel etc). As an example of what we are excluding, the Bacon ancestry can be taken back to 8th century Norway - according to John Bury! Genealogies of other contributors would show many more such interesting families - for instance the descendants of Simeon Charles Lousada #74 can trace their ancestry back to Edward III - according to data provided by Peter Lousada. In addition, John Bury has provided an interesting study into his origins. The pedigrees of 2 cousins Allan Lousada and Jeremy Lousada are also uploaded; so is the pedigree of 4th cousin Edmund Barrow.

13. The Ancestral Quest genealogical database program allows creation of a 'web page' and that is what we have done here to select all the descendants of Pedro de Lousada. Once created, the 'web page' was uploaded here. People not selected are not descendants and are generally collateral ancestors. Additional 'web pages' could be built around other ancestors as required.