This family tree we attribute to Benjamin Barrow Lousada 1887-1954 (first son of Edward Charles Lousada), but Horace Frank Lousada 1900-89 (last son of Edward Charles Lousada) also worked on it for the annotations in the left centre reflect his meeting in late 1978 with Sir Anthony Baruh Lousada (this particular copy inadvertently omits the son and daughter of Sir Anthony's 2nd marriage). The family tree has circulated for about 100 years and contains many errors. A number of them are picked up in Julian Land's reflections, and some more are covered here. Amazingly, large segments of the family are entirely omitted - especially the descendants of Simeon Charles Lousada, Mary Bacon Lousada and Simon Barrow. Perhaps the author did not access the detailed work some 70 years ago of eminent genealogist Sir Thomas Colyer-Fergusson (ref 85) though Peter Lousada's father did adopt it as his family tree. Corrected data can be found in the genealogy of Pedro de Lousada and in the case of Jacob #380 (incorrectly shown as the son of David and not as a brother of Emanuel #41) more comprehensively in the work of Alan Pereira. And Antonio Louzada is shown incorrectly as head of this family tree - in fact he was a brother of the Abraham, Aaron, David and Jacob who appear here as his sons and his children were Abraham, Mordecai and Sarah and not Moses or Judith! Also, the great-granddaughter of Emanuel #41 who married a Ximenes was Abigail not Clara, and she married Daniel Ximenes not David! Isaac Lamego did not marry Rachel Baruh Lousada as shown - she was the widow of Abraham Rodrigues Lopes and died in Jamaica in 1754 when Isaac was an old man in London who died in 1767. In fact both Emanuel #41 and Jacob #380 had a daughter Rachel (named after their Barbados grandmother) and they each married an Abraham Rodrigues Lopes in Jamaica. Accordingly some other Rachel Baruh Lousada was the wife of Isaac Lamego, and our suggested solution of this mystery is that she was the first daughter of Solomon Baruh Lousada of Barbados #712 as we discuss in the Lamego/Lousada page (note 14 and 16). While Esther the daughter of Jacob #380 had a daughter Abigail, Aaron and Rachel come from an earlier marriage of Moses Lamego but no daughter named Esther could be found. Further errors can be found by using Alan Pereira's work (eg Sarah Albert had more than 3 children), but this work also shows that the unusual name Mordet correctly applies to Mordecai Lopes Pereira an ancestor of Alan Pereira. The record of the 4th Lousada Duke is in error - for the correct account see here - and Isaac the 1st Lousada Duke was the son of Esther who married Emanuel of Jamaica (hence was a nephew and not a son as shown of the childless Emanuel of London and Sidmouth who married Rebecca Ximenes) while Isaac's wife Lydia was a niece of the childless Emanuel (being the daughter of Isaac of London). The Bella Baruh Lousada who married Major Wills (twice!) was the daughter of Moses Baruh Lousada not a granddaughter. The handwriting on the lower left is that of Mary Eleanor Land nee Lousada mother of Julian Land; the handwriting of Sir Anthony Baruh Lousada can be found above this in the lower centre and above that is the handwriting of Horace Frank Lousada.