General views of the Warragul Cemetery 

    Looking northeast toward the Baw Baw plateau     Looking northwest    


Graves of interest

General view of the grave of John Graham Tyssen 1871-1952 #471 who ran a choice dairy herd on scientific lines and in this was something of a dairying leader (ref 124 page 49). . Headstone of the grave of John Graham Tyssen (who was a nephew of Edward Charles Lousada)  and his wife Dora Tyssen nee Lithgow Grave of Jemima Affleck (nee Hall) #665 sister-in-law of Edward Charles Lousada. There are several errors on the plaque - click here to see them. Grave of Harry Bernard Lousada 1895-8 #84 5th son of Edward Charles Lousada Grave of Isaac le Pipre Barrow (no relation) who knew Edward Charles Lousada - and who - confusingly - was with the uncle of Edward Charles Lousada - Samuel Barrow  - when the latter drowned in 1854