Benjamin Barrow #224 1814-1901 was the third son of Simon Barrow of Bath and was an Army surgeon. He moved to Ryde in 1848, and successfully campaigned on public health issues like clean water supply. He was ultimately elected Mayor of Ryde in 1874, and won 9 terms. He was considered a rather abrupt man, a forthright and plain but excellent speaker, possibly a poor listener, but loved Ryde and benefited it greatly in his 50 years there. A local historian spoke on Barrow's civic achievements. He had no children, but after his brother Samuel's death in Australia in 1854, he raised some of Samuel's children - at the time of the 1861 census Seymour and Cecil were at his home. Benjamin and Samuel (and of course John Simeon and Lousada) were uncles of the first Australian Lousadas (Edward Charles, Howel Arthur and Harry Burningham) who arrived too late to meet Samuel in Australia. He appears to have been married twice - his wife Catherine appears in the 1861 census, but no wife appears in the 1871 census, and Mary Arnould 1821-1908 appears in the 1891 census. Details may be found in John Bury's collection of Ryde data.