Tony Harding #343, Barrow descendant and explorer of identity through his book Lekgowa. His grandparents' family is on the right. Rear Admiral Barrow was a great-grandson of Simon Barrow of Bath so Tony is a great great great grandson of Simon Barrow of Bath. Another great great great grandfather of Tony is shown further right. In April 2019, Tony eloquently expressed his feelings about the rediscovery of the family's Jewish history (click here).

  Tony Harding's mother Rosemary is front left; his grandparents are Rear-Admiral Benjamin Wingate Barrow #338 and his wife Constance nee Brooke #676. The 3 eldest daughters from left are Noel, Joan and Mary. Rear Admiral Barrow was a son of Frank Hunter Barrow and hence a grandson of Samuel Barrow #226, who married Margaret Louisa Kemp in 1842. So he was not only a great grandson of the esteemed Simon Barrow of Bath, and also of the less-esteemed Anthony Fenn Kemp - see right.

  The 'father of Tasmania' Anthony Fenn Kemp was father-in-law of Samuel Barrow. He was also a leader of the Rum Rebellion of 1808 which deposed Governor Bligh. The left-hand portrait is from ref 46 from which we learnt much detail; the right-hand portrait, of Kemp as an older man, is by Thomas Bock, and is in the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, State Library of Tasmania. The signature is from ref 46 p14. Ref 46 is in large part a biography of Kemp, and the author descends from Kemp's aunt Amy. However, ref 46 makes a bad error as to the cause of death of Samuel Barrow.