Rear- Admiral Benjamin Wingate Barrow #338 late in life imparted a brief family history which useful though it is, we have not adopted in all its details especially concerning the death of his grandfather Samuel Barrow! Details of his naval service can be found here the images from Paul Bevand being forwarded by Tony Harding on 12 Sep 2016. They show a DSO award but not 'with bar' as a cousin of Tony believes it should. The Order of the Phoenix and a ceremonial sword are held by the Simonstown Naval Museum. Rear-Admiral Barrow is listed on which is compiled by Paul Bevand.

Tony Harding advised that though this was something of a family secret, his grandfather was court-martialled just before the 1914 'Curragh incident' involving HMS Firedrake which he was commanding. As Tony Harding advised on 15 Sep 2016 the court martial related to a event soon after he took command of the Firedrake. His service record in 1913 seems to read 'getting stuck on a sand bar'. It seems that he was reprimanded and that his association with the Firedrake was generally unhappy. An account of the Curragh incident was provided by Ian Beckett and can be found here.

The family photograph from about 1947 is more recent than the one shown here. It sadly omits Richard George Brooke Barrow 1922-45 who died in Burma. Tony Harding advises that Richard's name reflects that of General Sir George de Symons Barrow who assisted the military career of Rear-Admiral Barrow. Standing to the left of Rear-Admiral Barrow is his 3rd daughter Ruth Noel Robb nee Barrow 1913-2009, a biography of whom can be found here. From the left the other daughters are Mary, Rosemary and Joan.