The loss of relatives in the two World Wars was a cause of great sadness for many Barrow and Lousadas.


Images of David de Symons Barrow #306 can be found by clicking here. His commendation on receipt of the Military Cross can be found here. Images of Barrow Lousada #82 and Cecil Lousada #85 can be found here and there is a memorial on their father's grave. The twins Edward #267 and Bertie #266 can be spotted in the Simeon Charles Lousada family photograph and they are commemorated at Menin Gate, their father's grave at Leckhampton (see image below), and in memorials at Cheltenham College and Borough.

Gerald Gilbert Ormond Lousada #1354 was buried at the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery. He is commemorated at the Wellesbourne village memorial and on the gates of Neville Holt School in Market Harborough near Stoneythorpe the family estate of his mother. David de Symons Barrow was a poet and artist and his daughter Carlotta feels he lives on in his creations. Major Sir Keith Dick-Cuningham #1239 was a cousin of both Peter Lousada's father and Anthony Gordon's father; some details of his ancestry are given here. The brothers James Helbert Truscott #1489 and Edward Charles Truscott #1488 are products of the first Truscott/Lousada marriage in 1913; the products of the second Truscott/Lousada marriage in 1919 (each party being a sibling of a party to the first marriage) were of identical genetic stock - so these two casualties were genetically equivalent to Julian Land's mother and her siblings Frank, Audrey and Nancy. The service history of Richard George Brooke Barrow is summarized here.

Angas McCallum, cousin of Peter and Carlotta Barrow, died young on military service in Germany (details not yet to hand).

We have a record of a Sub-Lieutenant Gerard John Barrow, killed in action 1914, but as yet have no details. He was grandson of Jacob Barrow, the eldest son of Simon Barrow of Bath.

An earlier casualty of war was Hugh Lousada Barrow #301 - killed at Togber in the Sudan in 1891. Edmund Barrow has seen his name on memorial plaques in the President's Museum in Khartoum.