Cherry Macarthur nee Lousada with newly-planted tree that her father Horace Frank wanted his ashes to be placed by!   Horace Frank Lousada 1900-89 met Sir Anthony Baruh Lousada in London in 1978 - and the latter's handwriting can be found on copies of the old Lousada family tree.   Lousadas Road in Buchan marks the presence of the family of Horace Frank Lousada in East Gippsland. Photograph taken by Gary Dowel in 2016 and forwarded by Allan Lousada. Horace Frank Lousada was living on a farm near Buchan when his wife Isabel Nancey Tozer who had worked as a journalist with the Bairnsdale Advertiser drowned after attempting to cross a flooded bridge by foot on 6 Oct 1974 while returning home from a wedding.