Aubrey George Lousada before heading to Gallipoli, probably in early 1915 aged 23   Wedding photograph 1919 - wife Mary Truscott of Toora. Photograph provided by Gwen Truscott.   Family portrait probably circa 1939 just before Frank went to the Middle East. A further portrait of each of these 6 people may be found here.   Mary Eleanor Lousada 1920-2006 #6, farmer's daughter, senior teacher, and word lover. Wedding photograph 1943 - husband William Leonard Land; parents of William Julian Land. Photograph provided by Gwen Truscott.     Francis Cecil Lousada 1922-2003 #21, ex-military transport driver in the Middle East in WW2, farmer, horse racer and uncle of Julian Land. Click here for some more images.   Nancy Smith #23 and Audrey Dowel #22 (both nee Lousada) in November 2010, aunts of Julian Land. Nancy passed away in early August 2014 and Audrey died on 11 August 2018, her 94th birthday anniversary. For photographs taken at Nancy's funeral click here and for the remarks prepared for Audrey's funeral by Julian Land, and read out by Clare Land at the funeral on 20 August click here.   At Audrey's 90th birthday celebrations in mid Aug 2014 cousins Barry Smith and Rosemary Tipping consider whether Barry's mother Nancy had bequeathed a convincing replica of the Lousada doves!