Photograph of Emile Louzada, Julian Land and Fenneke Louzada-Scheltens taken at the Savini Restaurant in Amsterdam on 21 Sep 2013

Emile's grandfather was born in Surinam, but left to be educated in The Netherlands from whence he pursued a civil engineering career in Indonesia. Emile's father Hans was thus born in Djakarta. Fenneke provided a great deal of information about Surinam and the Baruch Louzadas of Surinam.

This dinner renewed contact between family branches. Previously Peter Lousada had known Hans, who had become a KLM executive, in Teheran in the 1980s, and Winton Lousada flew KLM from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne (perhaps around 1957) when he was seated behind Flora, Emile's mother! The 2013 meeting was arranged after Karin - daughter of Emile and Fenneke - put Julian in touch with her parents.

At the time of this photograph, Julian had suggested a hypothesis as to the link between family branches which would make him and Emile 9th cousins twice removed. Emile's 10*great-grandfather Isaac #42 of Livorno and Amsterdam was a brother of Julian's 8*great-grandfather David #1584. David #1584 may have died before leaving Iberia for Isaac #42 seems to have been the family head of the children of David #1584. Emile's ancestry went via Livorno to Amsterdam to Surinam to Curacao to Surinam to Indonesia to The Netherlands; while Julian's went from Livorno to Barbados to Jamaica to England to Australia.