Edward ('Ted') Charles Hall Lousada 1892-1968 #83 with his beloved Buick in 1958   Ted in his role of doting step-granduncle seen here at his Chatswood house (with a bottle of his stewed plums)

 These mages were provided by a step-granddaughter Frances Munro (who appears in the right-hand photograph) of Ruth Eleanor White 1898-1986 #86. Ruth was Ted's sister, and Ted's care for this branch of Ruth's step-family is fondly remembered. Frances commented that her grandfather Hedley White was a missionary in China and was ordained as a minister there. She added that her grandmother Frances Jones and Hedley White were 1st cousins, and his 6 or 7 years in China delayed the marriage the prospect of which was frowned upon before he left but, despite the separation in miles and years, they married when he returned. Family legend is that when Frances became terminally ill she "arranged" for her friend Ruth Lousada to marry Hedley. 

Ted lived in Sydney but (not in the Buick) visited Ruth in 1968, and afterwards stayed overnight with their brother Aubrey in nearby Korumburra. He died during the night, and family legend is that Aubrey Lousada and Len Dowel accompanied Ted's body back to Sydney; they travelled in a car driven by a Korumburra funeral director, and their offer of a lift was declined by a startled hitchhiker!