Entrance to the lightly-used Drouin West Cemetery during visit of June 2012   Gravestone of Herbert de Symons Skipper #1012 1848-1901 and his wife. Herbert Skipper was a Barrow cousin of Edward Charles Lousada.   Also present was a plaque for his sister Blanche Henrietta Skipper #1013 1847-1939 who selected neighbouring land to that of Edward Charles Lousada. She was well-known to her cousin Sir George de Symons Barrow who wrote in the aftermath of her death that she as a much older (by 17 years) cousin minded him while his parents were in India.   General view of the grave   View from a high point near the cemetery looking to the north-east over the country first farmed by Edward Charles Lousada in the 1875-1900 period