Prominent local historian Neil Everitt at Toora Community Centre on 26 Aug 2017 at a family history open day. He noted he regularly dines with Lindsay Olden at the Inverloch Bowling Club. He looked into Lousada family history for Lindsay and was familiar with this website. His works include 'They Fished in Wooden Boats: A History of Port Franklin and the Fishing Families', 'Fifty Years on the Green', and 'Mud on Your Boots'. Lindsay Olden is Kathie Olden's father.

Edgar and Gwen Truscott at home near Toora 8 Dec 2013. Edgar is a Truscott first cousin of Cecile Jordan-Ellerman and Audrey Dowel. Gwen was a prominent local historian and assisted us with the Toora activities of the Lousadas. In 2010 she self-published 'From St Dennis to Euronga' an account of the Truscott and Best families, whose surnames are those of Edgar's and Cecile's paternal grandparents (and of course Audrey's maternal grandparents). In this work she refers to one of her published works 'Buchanan's Muddy Creek Sawmill' of 2010.