Fernando Gonzalez de Campo Romain found a European University Institute (Department of History and Civilization) Working Paper 'Commercial Networks in the Early Modern World' edited by Diogo Ramada Curtio and Anthony Molho and printed in Italy in October 2002 by European University Institute, Badia Fiesolana I-50016 San Domenico (Fl). It contains a chapter by Lucia Frattarelli Fischer 'Reti locali e reti internazionali degli ebrei di Livorno nel Seicento' pp148-175 the Appendix of which contains lists for 1641 and 1642 of the Jewish houses and representatives elected therefrom to be candidates for the 5-member council of the community for that year. The following details are of particular relevance to us:


Year Proprietor of house   Occupants and Relation to Proprietor    Our Interpretation of Relation to Proprietor        
1641 Abraham Levi Lousada   Isaac Antichio, nipote
Isaac Baruch Lousada, parente
Moses Medina, nipote
Isaac Medina, simile
Relative of Abraham Levi Lousada
1642 Jacob Israel de Tunis   David, suo fratello
Abraham Levi, suo cugino
Moses Medina, suo nipote
Isaac Medina, suo fratello
Abraham Espinoza, nipote de Tunis
Isaac Baruch, nipote de Levi
Nephew of Abraham Levi Lousada
Brother of Moses Medina
Nephew of Abraham Levi Lousada

Ref:  http://cadmus.eui.eu/bitstream/id/935/HEC02-02.pdf/

Note: 'nipote' means both 'nephew' and 'grandson' and the female equivalents!