Ton Tielen (ref 105) sent us data extracted from the City Archives of Amsterdam covering the period 1653-89 which shows us taxes paid by the Lousadas to the Amsterdam Jewish Community. The payments were typically made in 2 instalments each year, and covered 3 types of payment - promesa (voluntary), finta and imposta. We have combined up to 6 payments in each year as follows, expressed in Guilders (with Stuivers and Pennigen converted to decimal fractions of Guilders):


The following notes will aid comprehension of the table:

  1. Isaac the father died in 1667

  2. Jacob died in 1681. He seems to have been in London in 1660 with Moses (ref 6) but came to Amsterdam to become the senior family member until David returned from Barbados and perhaps Curacao.

  3. After 1681, only David contributed, but he died in 1699 in Amsterdam - but after going (again) to Barbados after the 1693 death there of his brother Aaron (ref 5)!

  4. Solomon may have been another brother, but he seems to have ceased commercial activity in 1677 (or gone elsewhere) only to return by 1688 where he became involved in the Ets Haim education charity and then died before 1699 as he does not appear in the family financial settlement of 1699. The above data on Solomon's tax payments almost certainly do not belong to David's son Solomon who married in 1709.

  5. Moses made a promesa payment in 1663, just a month or two before he was elected first Gabay of the London community. The original data showed that in 1665 he made only a nominal payment. The above data selection does not show him paying the promesa tax each year in Amsterdam 1949-59 which he did (ref 105 is being updated). Edgar Samuel by email on 27 Apr 2016 said that the promesa was sometimes paid on behalf of an absent person. In this case since he is first recorded in London in 1660 it seems he was largely in Amsterdam for the 1649-59 period, and made an occasional return. Moses, probably in his 20s, seems to have led the way in his family's journey to Amsterdam.