Was the 2nd wife of Abraham Israel Pereira #1628 a Henriques Faro? And was the 1st wife of Isaac Baruch Lousada #42 a Henriques Faro?

In this chart we can perhaps see more clearly why Jacob Israel Pereira #1890 was a cousin germain of Abraham Henriques Faro #1385, and why Abraham Baruch Lousada #45 was a cousin germain of Abraham Israel Pereira #1628. Both these key relationships come from the will of Jacob Israel Pereira #1765 (ref 141). The de Pinto connection is shown, reminding us of how much the d'Olivares refinancing empowered the Portuguese New Christians of Madrid and Antwerp and facilitated their exit after the fall of d'Olivares in 1643. In part we drew up the chart to explore why Abraham Israel Pereira #1628 had 2 daughters named Rebecca, the first coming from his first marriage, and the 2nd one from his 2nd marriage, probably as a step-daughter. Also we show how the 2nd wife of Jacob Israel Pereira was already related to him, though there is a complication in this as explained hereElsewhere we expand the above chart in showing all the known descendants of Isaac #50 and his father Abraham #1875, and here we unravel some details of the Henriques Faro family.

 The closeness of the Israel Pereira and Henriques Faro families is shown by their presence at the two 1647 funerals each of a child of Isaac Henriques Faro as recorded in ref 217. It was Isaac #1386 not his cousin Isaac #1635 who was present as judged by the presence of both his father Abraham #1175 and his uncle Manuel Faro (whose will favoured Isaac #1386 and not Isaac #1635). This makes us consider whether the 2nd wife of Abraham Israel Pereira #1628 was a Henriques Faro. This is shown above. However the Aboab testimony also in ref 217 revels that a brother of Abraham Israel Pereira married a sister of his wife. That is, if Sarah the 2nd wife of Abraham Israel Pereira was a Henriques Faro, then the wife of Isaac Israel Pereira was also. Both Abraham and Isaac Israel Pereira attended the earlier 1647 funeral as did Abraham's son Isaac #1885!

The identity of the 1st wife of Isaac Baruch Lousada #42 is unknown, but we note that the biological parentage of Abraham #1875 appears to be the same as that of Aaron #376 of Barbados (the key ancestor of all of the 2nd wave of English Baruch Lousadas). If Esther #2150 was a Henriques Faro, then this could contribute to a DNA match between Julian Land and members of the Nunes Vas family who descend from Simha de Lima nee Henriques Faro #1629, a sister of Rachel Henriques Faro #1404 shown in the chart. Perhaps Esther #2150 was a sister of Isaac Henriques Faro #1635 and this possibility is illustrated here. Of course, this thinking could also help explain why both wives of Moses Baruch Lousada #46 were Henriques Faros, one of whom was a niece of Jacob Israel Pereira as shown above. However the above chart (for ease of comprehension) does not include the 1st Henriques Faro marriage of Moses Baruch Lousada #46 and his wife's uncle Moses Henriques Faro #126 who was probably a brother of Isaac Henriques Faro #1635. Of course, Moses Baruch Lousada #46 (like we are proposing in the case of Aaron #376) could have had a Henriques Faro mother, perhaps Sarah (the name of his only known and perhaps eldest daughter), in which case both his wives were cousins albeit from different marriages of Isaac #1635 and we include this possibility here. The location of both marriages of Moses #46 is currently unknown.

But the unification of the Henriques Faro, Rodrigues (Israel) Pereira, and Baruch Lousada families probably occurred in Madrid, since the Henriques Faros like the Rodrigues Pereiras came from Villaflor, while the Lousadas came from Vinhais. It may be useful to note that in the scenario we are here contemplating the following sequence of Madrid marriages arises: