John Tiarks #580 Bishop of Chelmsford 1962-71, son of Evelyn Louisa Hall sister of Beatrice Lousada nee Hall and Rev Hope Charles Tiarks. See ref 178 for Tiarks genealogy and click here for the Lousada/Tiarks link.   Evelyn Louisa Hall 1864-1928. Photo provided by Diana Mayne 12 Oct 2016 and probably taken around 1900. With her mother Catherine Hall nee Nelson and sister Beatrice she visited her sister Jemima Affleck at Teetoora near Warragul in late 1883 or early 1884. The romance between Beatrice and Edward Charles Lousada must have progressed fairly rapidly as the marriage took place on 15 Dec 1884 in Prahran. Family legend suggests that Evelyn was whisked back to England so that she too did not marry an Australian!