A letter from Cecil to Beatrice, his mother, including a piece of his Distinguished Conduct Medal ribbon. The letter refers to his brother Barrow, who had died 7 weeks previously on 26 Aug, and their sister Ruth.   This letter from Herbert George Lousada to Beatrice Lousada is remarkable in that within little over a year of being written she, Cecil and he all died (in that order, Beatrice before the letter was written!).The letter notes Cecil's DCM. The handwriting of Mary Eleanor Land nee Lousada can be seen in the left column of page 1. The sister of Beatrice with whom Cecil stayed in 1917 was Evelyn Louisa Tiarks nee Hall, who had married Rev Hope Charles Tiarks and lived at The Vicarage, Holy Trinity Church, Kilburn.   Letter from Cecil to his sister Tryphena, shown to Julian Land by Kathie Olden 22 Apr 2015 in Warragul. Kathie Olden is a grand-daughter of Tryphena so Cecil was a mutual grand-uncle of hers and Julian Land's.