Probably this is the coat of arms of the Duque de Losada. It was included in ref 34. It does not contain a chevron with 2 sugar canes nor the 4th dove both of which may have been added by Emanuel #87 to distinguish his grant from the Duque's arms!   Crest of the Louzadas of Surinam from Fenneke Louzada-Scheltens. It contains the chevron and 4th dove with a red collar, but lacks the azure, the green hill, and sprigs in the bills of the 4 doves (which are crested).   This coat of arms is included in ref 34 and as shown on page 4 of the 2nd Duke's Paris papers was used by the Lousada Dukes. This coat of arms is not that granted to Emanuel #87 as it lacks the chevron; but in accordance with the grant it has a 4th dove (with a yellow not a red collar) on a green hill. It is thus a hybrid of the Duque's arms and Emanuel #87's grant.     Lousada crest brought to Australia by Edward Charles Lousada, long understood to be of Jamaican origin though the motto is in French; photograph provided by Daniel Lousada on 1 January 2012. This crest conforms closely to the 1777 grant of arms to Emanuel #87 but the 4th dove is not collared. In 2022 John Bury prepared a pictorial representation of the 1777 grant.   Molyneux-Seel-in-pretence coat of arms reflecting the 1843 marriage of Anna Marie de Lousada #216 - daughter of Isaac the first English Lousada Duke - with Edward Molyneux-Seel #525.