This book is kept at the Library of Ets Haim in Amsterdam and was photographed on 22 Jun 2018 by Ton Tielen with permission of the Librarian Heide Warncke including permission to publish. The book shows that 2 sons of David were in Amsterdam with him. The front page of Isaac's sermon in effect gives his birthdate as 13 years before 2 Tebet 5446 ie 29 Dec 1672 which being before David's 1673 marriage suggests that this marriage was a confirmation of a marriage occurring perhaps 2 years earlier and perhaps before David arrived in Amsterdam around 1672. As Esther Rodrigues da Costa was born in Paris, and as Jews were not officially allowed in France, it may be that the secular marriage of David and Esther occurred in France. The implied birthdate of Solomon in the image below of 12 June 1678 fits the 1677 marriage date.